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My grandfather, John Mitchell is the founder and creator of the Gaslight Cafe. It was located on 116 Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village, New York. He randomly discovered the neighborhood of Greenwich Village by accident and discovered this dirty, abandon basement site below an apartment building.


He purchased the basement and spent time reconstructing the establishment until he opened the cafe in 1958. With only gas lighting to help him work throughout the night and during day in the dark basement, he decided to name the place Gaslight Cafe.

In the mid 1800s, New York City primarily source of lighting was gas lighting and was commonly used throughout the city for over a century.

John Mitchell wanted to create a space for artists, writers, poets, musicians and other creative types of people. He gave them a space to freely express themselves and had quickly become the destination for the Beatniks in Greenwich Village.

The Gaslight Cafe was eventually sold, and then later closed down in 1971. The name and legacy was an inspiration behind my own personal branding. My grandfather's dream was to provide a place for the visionaries of his time and later influenced my decision to keep the original typography of the Gaslight Cafe to pay homage. The definition of Gaslight in my own terms means to create space for the creative process and never giving up on your dreams. 


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